L3 ATPIAL AN/PEQ-15 IR Aiming Laser (Standard Power)

The L3-Harris® ATPIAL (AN/PEQ-15) Aiming Laser is a small, lightweight easy to use laser pointer & IR illuminator. The aiming system has integrated infrared and visible aiming lasers. The ATPIAL (AN/PEQ-15) is the standard issue weapon-mounted laser unit for U.S. Warfighters.The exceptional functionality of this unit gives you everything you could want in a single compact package. Its design seats the unit low on the rail, and wraps around the Picatinny for a snag-resistant, low profile.  

L3 NGAL Aiming Laser

  • Independent aim and Illuminator boresight adjusters
  • Visible Aim Laser, IR Aim Laser & IR Illuminator
  • Co-aligned aiming beams with boresight retention ≤ 0.5 mrad
  • Power levels adjustable based on customer requirements

Steiner DBAL-A3 Dual Beam Aiming Laser

  • Low-profile windage and elevation adjusters
  • Available in commercial and restricted configurations
  • Single laser activation switch, tap and release for momentary activation, tap twice for 5 minute continuous
  • Dual remote cable ports – remote fire and visible override
  • Attach to any Picatinny rail using patented, self-adjusting Quick Release HT Mount
  • Activation/low battery indicator light
  • 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum, MIL-SPEC Tyle III Hardcoat Anodized Body

WILCOX Rapter-S Laser

LOGO The Wilcox® RAPTAR-S Rapid Targeting and Ranging Module is the next step in precision for extremely long ranges. In addition to the Infra-red (IR) laser, visible laser, IR flood and laser range finder (LRF) the RAPTAR-S features an applied ballistics solver. In the box Wilcox® RAPTAR-S Rapid Targeting and Ranging Module

Wilcox Raid-X Aiming Laser



  • Red or Green Visible Laser
  • NIR (near infrared) laser, NIR variable & fixed room illuminator
  • NIR illuminator divergence knob
  • Laser/illuminator output adjustment
  • Display light sensor/programming port
  • MIL-STD-1913/NATO STANAG interface
  • Remote/pressure pad port
  • OLED display/display cover
  • Windage (not visible)/elevation adjustment

ATPIAL-C AN/PEQ-15 IR Aiming Laser (Low-Power)

The L3-Harris® ATPIAL-C (AN/PEQ-15) Aiming Laser is a small, lightweight easy to use Class 1 (civilian legal) laser pointer & IR illuminator. The aiming system has integrated infrared and visible aiming lasers. LOGO

WILCOX Rapter IR Laser

The Wilcox® RAPTAR Rapid Targeting and Ranging Module is a lightweight, integrated technology system. RAPTAR harnesses and fuses an Infrared (IR)Laser, a visible laser, IR flood, and a Laser Range Finder (LRF) all within a single, compact, ruggedized all-weather package. LOGO

ANVS RMSAL Aiming Laser

In The Box
  • ANVS RMSAL Aiming/Illumination Module
  • Remote Switch Black
  • Remote Switch Blue
  • Battery
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Soft Carrying Case


Norotos INVG Hyper Helmet Mount

The Norotos INVG Hyper Night Vision Goggle Mount is breakaway mount with a single tri-lobe mount arm that pivots on its own axis which prevents binding under pressure, making it the strongest mount arm in the field. The INVG Hyper can rotate on its own axis, allowing a monocular to easily pivot from one eye to the other. It also allows goggles to be stowed in a lower profile than traditional mounts.

WILCOX L4 Series Hybrid Shroud

The Wilcox® L4 Hybrid Shroud can be used to attach any Wilcox L4 series helmet mount onto One-Hole or Three-Hole MICH/ACH helmet or an ECH helmet using the One-Hole configuration. Its unique design provides stability and vibration deadening in both One-Hole and Three-Hole configurations. The Hybrid Shroud is available with or without a NVG lanyard. LOGO

WILCOX L4 Series Three Hole Shroud

The Wilcox® L4 Series Three Hole Shroud with lanyard and cup assembly fits MICH/ACH and Crye AirFrame helmets drilled with the standard three hole pattern. It is also available with or without NVG lanyard. LOGO

Norotos TATM Helmet Mount

The Norotos TATM (long-arm) Night Vision Goggle Mount was developed according to Special Forces specifications. It is made from high-strength, lightweight aluminum and titanium, the TATM permits unwavering enduring stability.
  • Norotos TATM Night Vision Goggle Mount with horn mount interface

Norotos RHNO II (D&H) Helmet Mount

The Norotos RHNO II (“D” dovetail & “H” Horn mount) Night Vision Goggle Mount delivers rugged reliability and safety infused comfortable longevity into an elegantly engineered superior helmet mount solution and has been used by US military forces.

Norotos AKA II Helmet Mount

The Norotos AKA II Night Vision Goggle Mount is a Non-Breakaway Mount with available interchangeable sockets permitting rapid conversion between HORN and DOVETAIL style (night vision devices) NVGs.
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