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FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Imaging Monocular

  • Flir Boson Advanced Image Processing
  • Hands Free Operation
  • Can be Mounted on Helmet
  • On-Board Video Recording
  • Multiple Palette Options
  • Digital Compass/Inclinometer
  • Compact & Lightweight

FLIR LS-X (XR) – Thermal Imager

The FLIR® LS-X Thermal Imager a is rugged, light weight and compact handheld thermal monocular designed for everyday use by law enforcement officers. Choose either the LS-X with up to 4x zoom and screen 335 x 256 resolution or the LX-XR with up to 6x zoom, a screen resolution of 640 x 512 and a increased range of detection.

FLIR Scout TS-24 & TS-32 Thermal Imager

The FLIR® Scout TS-24 & TS-32 Thermal Monocular is The Scout TS series is a lightweight Thermal Monocular designed for outdoorsmen, ranchers, sportsmen, hikers, or nature enthusiasts.

FLIR Thermal Imager – Scout TK


The FLIR® Scout TK Thermal Imager, Monocular reveals your surroundings and helps you see people, objects and animals over 100 yards (90 m) away. Simple to use, with still image and video recording, Scout TK for the back country or in your own backyard.


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FLIR Thermal Imager – Scout III Series

IN the bo
  • FLIR® Scout III Thermal Imager, Monocular (choose model: 240, 320 or 640)
  • Standard Accessories: USB Power Adapter/Charger, Wrist Strap, Custom Video out cable (320 and 640 version), USB Cable, Quick Start Guide and Molle Bag.

IR Patrol M250 Thermal Monocular

The IR Patrol M250 Thermal Monocular from IR Defense, is a military grade monocular that combines a high quality BAE Thermal Core in a user friendly housing for the next level of thermal detection. Compact, Lightweight, and Rugged; the IR Patrol Thermal Monocular is ready for any mission from the battlefield to the hunting field

TI-Gear-M325 Multi-Purpose Thermal Monocular with Laser

The TI-GEAR­‐M is a compact, rugged, and lightweight multi-purpose tactical thermal monocular. It is easy to deploy, and suitable for any mission, in any light environment. It is a truly multi-­purpose device that can be used as a hand-­held monocular, helmet mounted for hands-free operation, or mounted on a rifle in front of day-time optics.
  • Built-In Visible Red Laser
  • Optional IR (850nm) Laser
  • Thermal Sensor Resolution: 384×288
  • Wide-Angle 25mm Objective Lens
  • Digital Zoom (2x, 4x)
  • 1000m Human Detection Range
  • Ergonomic, Intuitive Keypad
  • All-Aluminum Rugged & Lightweight Housing
  • 7-Year Limited Warranty