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Norotos RHNO II (D&H) Helmet Mount

The Norotos RHNO II (“D” dovetail & “H” Horn mount) Night Vision Goggle Mount delivers rugged reliability and safety infused comfortable longevity into an elegantly engineered superior helmet mount solution and has been used by US military forces.

Norotos TATM Helmet Mount

The Norotos TATM (long-arm) Night Vision Goggle Mount was developed according to Special Forces specifications. It is made from high-strength, lightweight aluminum and titanium, the TATM permits unwavering enduring stability.
  • Norotos TATM Night Vision Goggle Mount with horn mount interface

WILCOX L4 G11 Helmet Mount

The Wilcox® L4 G11 Non-Breakaway Mount with Horn Interface Shoe allows firm attachment of the AN/PVS-7B/D and AN/PVS-14 Arm to a variety of combat helmets when attached to a Wilcox One-Hole HMI, Three-Hole HMI, or the standard Army Shroud. LOGO

WILCOX L4 G22 Helmet Mount

The Wilcox® L4 G22 Non-Breakaway Mount is a variation of the popular L4 G24 but with an increased length of travel for the horizontal adjustment. The L4 G22 features a dovetail interface for direct attachment of standard dovetail night vision device’s (NVG’s). LOGO

WILCOX L4 G24 Helmet Mount

The Wilcox® L4 G24 is a low profile breakaway mount that allows firm attachment of a variety of night vision devices (NVGs) to a MICH/ACH helmet using an Ops-Core VAS or standard Army shroud. LOGO